Educational Champions


The Educational Champions program focuses on middle and high school students, parents, and educators guiding them to realize their potentials by using the commitment, training, and experiences of key adults to collaboratively develop and monitor shared goals and action plans for the student.

This program is for students in grades 7-12 who appear to need something extra to stay focused to reach a goal beyond high school. These are students that adults can tell need the extra attention, accountability, and parent participation to launch them over the top.

Common occurrences for potential program participants:

  • Poor grades (D’s and F’s)
  • Frequent tardiness and absences
  • End of semester push to pass a course
  • Struggle with economic hardship
  • May have additional adverse childhood experiences*
  • Interested in focusing on their future
  • The student who needs to be closely monitored and is interested in the attention and willing to work hard to help him/herself.

Initially, goals are established by the student with the assistance of the Educational Champion. The parent participates by supporting the goal. A simple action plan is established to make choices and guide next steps. Helping a student requires a sustained commitment to support both the student and the family.

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