Family Spotlight

March 2016

A LINK family with two adolescent boys was referred in need of reliable transportation. They lived past the school bus’ route and their car was broken, so the children were unable to attend school regularly or appear at any medical appointments. After being referred to the LINK, this family participated in a meeting with the North County’s SAFE System of Care.

The SAFE team met and immediately set a plan in action to alleviate the transportation concerns, and a working vehicle was found for the family within twenty-four hours of the meeting. With stable and reliable transportation, the children’s attendance and behaviors at school have improved greatly. We look forward to hearing more about their progression!

February 2016

A LINK client found herself in a dangerous situation with her partner. After having been in an abusive relationship from age 15 to 22, she and her children were in extreme physical and emotional danger. She eventually had to flee her home with her three young children, aged one, three, and seven. After being referred to The LINK, this client met with Sonia Greene, a LINK Family Advocate.

With Sonia’s help, this individual was empowered and gained confidence enough to leave her partner for good. Sonia immediately linked the family to the ECHO homeless shelter, where they received a Section 8 housing voucher. Together, Sonia and the client found an apartment for the family, and Sonia gathered the funds from various community organizations, which completely covered the cost of her rental deposit. Sonia connected her client with domestic violence counseling services at RISE; accompanied her to the Department of Social Services where she was able to register for medical insurance, CashAid, and CalFresh; connected her to the Victim/Witness Advocate’s office, which supported her in pressing legal charges against her partner and in securing funding for counseling for her children; referred her to Operation School Bell for clothing for her children; linked her to free food services, including a Thanksgiving and Christmas turkey each year; and secured funding to help with the cost of glasses for her oldest son.

For seven years, this client was completely dependent on her partner; she couldn’t drive, wasn’t working, and had no other income or assets of her own. Now, three years later, she has her own apartment, drives, has a steady job, and is able to provide for her children. She says that mentally and emotionally, she is far more independent and has become a better mom.