S.A.F.E. System of Care

Services Affirming Family Empowerment (S.A.F.E.) System of Care (S.O.C.) is a community-based, school-linked, family-centered means of delivering and coordinating services for children and families in San Luis Obispo County. The S.A.F.E. S.O.C. team includes the family and their natural supports in planning and implementing tangible solutions that build on the strengths of the family.

Through the FRCs and Family Advocates, The Link aims to provide families with prevention and early intervention services to help families meet their basic needs and avoid crisis. For those families that have already reached the level of experiencing significant and immediate challenges, or for families already involved with multiple agencies and in need of coordination of services, the S.A.F.E. team acts as a means to access and coordinate intensive services and ensure case management.

The primary goals of the S.A.F.E. program are to ensure that children are Safe, Healthy, At Home, In School, and Out of Trouble. Link Family Advocates, with the participation of partner agencies, and family engagement allow us to achieve these goals. S.A.F.E. partners include:

  • Community Action Partnership SLO
  • SLO County Department of Social Services – Employment/Resource Specialists
  • SLO County Department of Social Services – Child Welfare Services
  • SLO County Mental Health Services
  • SLO County Probation Department
  • SLO County Public Health Department
  • SLO County Office of Education
  • Transitions Mental Health Association
  • Tri-Counties Regional Center
  • Family Care Network, Inc.
  • RISE
  • Seneca Center
  • El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO)
  • Seven school districts in North SLO County
  • Dr. Dan Mosunich with Educational Champions Program